TTCN Solutions
TTCN is the most widely used protocol software testing language in the industry. Wenit has wide knowledge in TTCN technologies and specialises in developing TTCN testers and automated TTCN test systems. Wenit has proven track record of using TTCN for GSM, GPRS and EDGE testing.

Measurement and calibration solutions
Wenit has succesfully delivered numerous measurement and calibration solutions. These include automated calibration systems for various different types of measurement devices and related database solutions for storing, analysing and using the results. Due to nearly ten years of experience, Wenit has deep expertise in this field.

Off-shore software testing
While automated software testing can be very effective in many cases, often software testing needs can only be effectively fulfilled by manual testing. Due to large workforce required this area is often overlooked in software projects. Wenit together with its off-shore partners is able to deploy broad resources for software testing in very cost-effective manner. Wenit focuses on providing customer with local support in technical and communication issues, while actual business transactions are usually performed directly between the customer and the off-shore partner.